Why should you join SNUG?

Written Testimonials:

“Being my first SNUG conference I was not sure what to expect in regards to the presentations, organization, and people I was going to meet. This quickly changed as the conference started. On day 1 I was welcomed by the leaders of the telemessaging industry with warm and open arms. I got the opportunity to network with other IT professionals to talk “shop” about some of the challenges both they and I were facing. The presentations I attended were fantastic, not only were they informative, they engaged the audience and kept everyone waiting for more. This was the exact kind of environment I was hoping for. I’m thrilled at the opportunity of attending next year and excited to see the people I met again.“

Christopher Osburn, Answer 1 Communications

“The Orlando SNUG Conference was fantastic!  As usual, I brought home a page of short-term and long-term to-do’s – and here I thought we were close to perfect!  The sessions were great, the facility was beautiful, and I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Laura Juarez, Alert Communications

“Year after year, I always look forward to meeting new people and also seeing my fellow SNUG friends. This year, I came out of each session with so many new ideas to bring back to my team! And Startel's new projects 'in the works' left us excited for new things to come."

Tiffany Taylor Stowe, Keener Communications Inc

I attended the Orlando SNUG Conference after being away from the conference scene for the past few years.  It was great to return to see so many new SNUG members and to re-connect with SNUG members I met at past conferences.  The agenda was packed full of great content, offering a wide range of topics.  I really liked the “breakout session” format as it allowed each member to choose the session that most interested them.  I am eager to see the agenda for next year’s conference; I have no doubt that it will be just as full and exciting!

Kelly Goodwin, MedCom Professional Services, Inc. 

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