TeamSNUG is a proactive group of industry leaders working together to offer educational services to the industry as well as specific system and operational training to users of the Startel Platform.

While “Team” may seem like an odd word to assign to a group of competing answering services, it truly embodies the heart of our organization. A team is defined as a number of persons associated in a cooperative effort. Every aspect of TeamSNUG is a cooperative effort.

Our list serve is a platform for exchanging ideas, solving problems and thinking outside the box to come up with innovative ways to serve our customers and help our organizations.

The yearly conference is the ultimate cooperative effort as presenters come from our membership and share solutions to use our technology to its full capacity, educate and motivate our staff to deliver high levels of customer service, and provide practical advice for growing and improving our bottom line.

TeamSNUG is an industry driver when it comes to creating educational tools to develop our staff and prepare us for any obstacles. Employee development and disaster preparation tools have been designed specifically for us to ensure that we are prepared. All of these tools were developed through a cooperative effort of industry leaders looking to set us apart from the competition!