Don Berry Award

The Don Berry Award of Excellence was created to honor individuals who gave of themselves for the betterment of SNUG and the industry. This Award was initiated by Startel the year Don Berry passed away. As the founder of Startel Corporation, we wanted to honor and remember Don for his enormous contribution to this industry.

Don took an automation dream and made it a reality. In the early days with his leadership, Startel grew the system over the years and provided many businesses an opportunity to grow and become prosperous. Because of his commitment and dedication to his beliefs, he never stopped working for his customers. We have come a LONG way from the cord boards we started with in this industry 20+ years ago. Don believed in hard work, knew of no time clock, and was always concerned for his customers and employees.

His visionary insight provided the foundation on which Startel has been able to grow and prosper through the years. Don always had time for others, was willing to help them solve any problems, fix any customer issues or just willing to provide an ear for general moral support. Those that knew him, have been very proud over the years to see the individuals, who have been selected for this award.

Don Berry Award Winners

The plaque reads:
“The Startel National User Group bestows the DON BERRY AWARD to individuals who exemplify excellence in the advancement of SNUG and its members. We honor the enormous contributions Mr. Don Berry, founder of Startel, made to our industry.”