Member Benefits


W-BIT (Members $2800 with $500 per year license / Non-Members $3500 with $600 per year license) 

To build a quality staff, you need a quality training program.  The TeamSNUG W-BIT is the solution you've been waiting for!  From logging in and out of your Startel CMC to keyboard descriptions to screen layouts and system navigation, our training system includes everything you need to get your new hires up and running on your Startel CMC.  And, because it's web-based, you no longer have to worry about software to install or specific computers to maintain and support.  And, updates to current and future modules are easy and automatic.  In addition, our new Hypertrack system, monitoring your employee's progress through the training process is a breeze!

Take the stress out of the training process and give your new hires and trainers the tools they need to succeed!

Modules currently available:

  • Keyboard Description
  • Screen Description
  • Logging In and Out
  • Check In
  • Enter a Message
  • Enter a Locate
  • Enter an If
  • Menu Selection
  • Searching a Directory
  • Locate Field Navigation
  • If Field Navigation
  • Master Card Navigation
  • Message Field Navigation
  • Editing a Message If and Locate
  • The Action Function
  • Filed Function
  • Forwarding
  • Duplicating and Delivering
  • Special Function and Activity Trace

The cost of the program is $2,800 for the first year for SNUG members and $3,600 for Non-SNUG Members.  There is a licensing fee of $500 for SNUG members and $600 for Non- SNUG members for future years.  The yearly licensing fee is there to cover any costs for changes to any of the modules, the costs of creating new modules and also to retain the space on the Hyper-Track system.  Your company will automatically receive new modules in the Hypertrack System as they are released.

This program is completely web-based and therefore we will need the name of who will be administering user for each company.

The W-BIT is compatible with all Startel platforms including the 5700, CMC and Soft Switch.

Webinars (Non-Members $10)

TeamSNUG offers free monthly webinars to provide you and your office staff with the latest information on new products and features, training and programming tips, as well as recommended industry practices.  These webinars will help improve your call center efficiency, brainstorm new ideas, and solve issues occurring in your call center.  These webinars are free to attend to all TeamSNUG Members.  You can access the webinar from any computer with internet access along with a telephone or use your computer's microphone and speakers.  All webinars are recorded and are available for viewing after the completion of the webinar.



Excellence DVD Series

Agent (Members $150 / Non-Members $299)

The Agent Excellence DVD covers topics including industry history, call center employment basics, proven telephone techniques, message taking basics, first impressions, challenging calls, delivering messages, and proactive customer service.  This video is written with the ATSI Award of Excellence in mind and the agents filmed in the video employ the ATSI protocols. The DVD features a play-by-play breakdown of the call so your agents will understand the subtle nuances that make our industry what it is.  The Agent Excellence DVD was written and produced by some of the industry's very own agents, managers, and owners. Never before has a training video been so customized to deal with the real life experiences of the Agent's day to day activities. This is NOT a "what button do I push" series. It teaches your agents what they can expect and how to deal with callers when working in our unique business. This DVD is platform independent, so whether you are a Startel, Axon, Szeto, Amtelco, Telescan, Cadcom, Tascom, or any other switch user, your agents will benefit.


Supervisor (Members $150 / Non-Members $299)

The Supervisor Excellence DVD covers topics such as transitioning from agent to supervisor, setting a good example, avoiding "power trips", using praise and encouragement, getting to know your team, managing the room, dealing with negativity, retaining employees, labor costs and financial considerations, customer service, and legal issues; including confidentiality, harassment, and employment law.

The Supervisor Excellence DVD was written and produced by some of the industry's very own supervisors, managers, and owners. Never before has a training video been so customized to deal with the real life experiences in the Supervisor's daily tasks. It teaches your supervisors how to handle the most common issues facing supervisors in today's call center industry. This DVD is platform independent, so whether you are a Startel, Axon, Szeto, Amtelco, Telescan, Cadcom, Tascom, or any other switch user, your agents will benefit.


Customer Service (Members $150 / Non-Members $299)

In this 4 segment Customer Service Excellence DVD, you will find many topics:

  • How to include clients in decision-making
  • New verbiage and strategies for resolving customer issues
  • Understand apologizing & using empathy
  • Dealing with dishonest customers & lying callers
  • Solutions to technical & call-forwarding problems
  • Improve problem-solving & listening skills
  • How to maintain good customer relations
  • Dealing with incorrect locates, missing account information
  • Discussions about legal issues; HIPPA, privacy, dealing with the press
  • Determine when to escalate complaints to company higher-ups

After viewing the rest of Segment 1, your employees will come away with better problem-solving and listening skills. They'll learn to offer your clients options and expert recommendations on the service. They'll better understand how to include clients in the decision-making process, how to keep them informed, and how to make them feel important and respected. Finally, they'll come away knowing the importance of a timely response, and how to achieve that.

The reenactments in segment 2 depict situations your employees encounter on a daily basis. They'll learn verbiage and strategies that will help them resolve customer issues such as contacting the wrong on-call person, dispatch errors and delays, long holds or over-rings, and a variety of different agent errors. The segment presents many actual resolution strategies, all of which include a course of action that uses empathy and understanding, apologizing when truly at fault, and determining the best course of action with follow-up as a means to maintaining good customer relationships.

Segment 3 will arm your employees with information on how to deal with customers when they ask us to lie or have callers who are less than truthful about their experience with the service. They'll also learn tips to deal with customers when they don't call forward correctly, or who experience other technical issues not related to your service. Finally, they'll better understand how to handle situations in which customers fail to call us with important information, forget to update their account instructions, or don't understand why their account activity (and bill) has increased.

Segment 4 closes the DVD with a discussion of legal issues, such and privacy and confidentiality, HIPAA, dealing with the press, and how to handle threats from angry callers. It also covers identifying and handling concerns that need to be escalated to company higher-ups. Finally, it provides some great insight on guiding and training agents, so that they don't say the wrong thing.




This is the TeamSNUG event of the year! Every year in March, TeamSNUG members join together to push their call centers to the limit. TeamSNUG members meet with Startel for an in-depth review of what's in store for the upcoming year.  Startel brings the whole team, so this is your chance to discuss firsthand with Startel programmers and Tech Support your ideas and issues.  Our own members present on the many topics and issues facing the industry today.  After the conference, you will be filled with new ideas and products to bring back to your office, to help your staff, or sell to your clients.  Click here to learn more about this year's conference.  You won't want to miss out!


Wishlist (Members Only FREE)

Have you ever wished you could get more out of your Startel system, provide additional services for clients, make life easier for your agents, or even make your own day-to-day tasks quicker and easier? Then, the Wishlist is the perfect place for you.  The TeamSNUG Wishlist provides Startel with the most desired wishes from all TeamSNUG members.  If you think you have the next big idea for Startel, submit your wish today and watch as other TeamSNUG members vote your wish to the top.  Go vote on the wishes now!


Inside Access to Startel (Priceless)

TeamSNUG gets you the inside scoop on the latest developments and updates from Startel and its members.  Stay up to date on the latest Startel releases, news, documentation, and much more.  Working together as a whole, TeamSNUG is able to share resources and work with Startel's development team to create more productivity and better product enhancements.  Only through TeamSNUG will you get previews of new products and upgrades before the general release.  As a member of TeamSNUG, you can contact the Committee Chairs to work on your behalf to resolve any issues with Startel equipment, software, or personnel.



How do I get started for my staff?

  • Order the packets
  • Meet with candidates, distribute materials
  • Administer written exam
  • Return exam
  • Oral portion of exam administered
  • Celebrate

How do I get started for my Site?

  • Print Criteria Checklist
  • Do a walk-thru of your call center
  • Assign tasks, color coding your checklist
  • Set up a timeline, once you know what tasks need to be completed.

Agent - $55
Advanced Agent - $55
Supervisor - $99
Site - $1045 members & $1195 non-member

When you buy any combination of 10 or more Agent, Dispatch, or Supervisor certifications, you will receive 10% off the total price.

Call: (800)317-8529
Email Dan L’Heureux:
Download the order form from the ATSI website:


(Members Only $55)  Combination Package of 10+ allows for a 10% discount.

Your agents take pride in their work and should be recognized for it. “Challenge your staff to complete this project, and you can expect to see an increased level of energy and excitement amongst the team.” Beth Cooper, Answer Quick

Myth: There is no recognition for having certified agents at my office.

Truth: Only certified agents are able to apply for the ATSI 24/7 Certified Agent of the Year Program.  This coveted award is growing year by year.

What is the process? Your agents are eligible for CSR Certification after 6 months on the job experience. The agent certification process is simple but does involve two steps. The first portion is a comprehensive written exam that includes platform-specific questions. The second portion is an oral interview that assesses your agents’ grasp of industry standards.  A study guide is provided with the exam materials.

Agents must demonstrate excellence in three areas:

  • Completion & testing under the Interactive Training Program
  • Successfully passing a comprehensive written examination of call handling skill
  • Oral interview testing customer service issues and problem calls with a certified examiner


Advanced Agent

(Members Only $55)  Combination Package of 10+ allows for a 10% discount.

Challenge your lead agents and dispatchers to test their business knowledge and excel amongst their peers, by testing their ability to demonstrate advanced agent requirements and exhibit their dispatching skills.  As your agents become more experienced, test their knowledge of your system with the next step in the certification process, Advanced Agent. This certification validates your agent’s proficiency in what many consider a critical component of call center work, proper delivery of the caller’s message.  Consider all segments of Certification to be an investment to improve the overall quality of your entire operation.  A study guide is provided with the exam materials.

Myth:  All of our agents are on the same skill level.

Truth: In the TAS industry, you need to continually challenge your agents with all aspects of operations.  Your agents can always learn more on both the call taking and dispatching sides of the job.



(Members Only $99)  Combination Package of 10+ allows for a 10% discount.

Candidates are selected because management feels they have shown the potential to lead, coach, and support the CSR staff.  Challenged by multiple case study scenarios, analysis of real-time system performance reports and questions about their management style, this process is more of a journey than an exam.  A study guide is not provided with the supervisor exam as there are no “right or wrong” answers.  Evaluations are based upon the policies and procedures you have in place in your call center. Once your supervisors have achieved this certification, they will feel a significant sense of accomplishment.

Certified supervisors are enrolled in an ongoing Continuing Education program. Credits are earned in two areas: training and contribution. Credits are needed in both categories, with a minimum of 4 credits in either category with the remaining credits in the other category. For example, 8 credits in training and 4 credits in contribution equal 12 credits.

Myth: I don’t have supervisors.

Truth: Every office has a go-to-person when you are out of the office.  Whether they are your senior agents or if you expect your whole staff to handle escalated situations, Supervisor Certification determines who is up to this challenge.

The Supervisor Program is similar and follows Agent Certification

Once the Supervisor has completed Agent Certification they may take and submit the Supervisor case study. This certification is in essay form and consist of

  • 17 General Background + 18 Supervisory Style Questions
  • 21 Specific System Questions
  • 12 System Report Questions
  • 12 Case Study

Contact SNUG Executive Director Dan L'Heureux at (800) 317-8529 for more information and to sign up for the program.


Site (Members Only $1045 / Non-Members $1195)

In a peer review and inspection system, strive to adhere to a collection of the best practices and guidelines within the TAS industry.  Upon successful review, your site will have shown a high level of proficiency in recovery techniques, good business practices, documentation of procedures, & levels of redundancy necessary for 24/7 preparedness.

There are many reasons to consider enrolling in the program:

  • To differentiate your operation; being site certified enables you to change your basis of comparison from price to quality.
  • To increase the level of professionalism both within your market and within the entire industry.
  • To demonstrate 24/7 proficiency as well as the incorporation of the best recovery techniques available.
  • To improve your standing in the marketplace, positively impacting existing clients and employees as well as prospective clients and employees.
  • To adopt the best policies and procedures, thereby minimizing the business risk associated with downtime.
  • To become the first to receive recognition in your city, state, or region.
  • To increase system stability.
  • To better prepare and document your system maintenance procedures.

Myth: It’s too expensive & time-consuming.

Truth: The cost and preparation of becoming 99.99% annual run time certified pays for itself.  Downtime along with missing policies & procedures can put you out of business. The inspection can be done in one day.  There is also an "earn back" provision.  By meeting the criteria, the site can have up to two people accredited to conduct a maximum of three site inspections, where they will earn the inspection rate $600 per day.  Thus, the program, in terms of its cost, can be easily recouped.

One of the primary goals of 24/7 Site Certification Program is to identify and require, through a peer review program, the best set of procedures and policies so that a certified site has a high probability of achieving 99.99% annual run-time.  This is less than fifty-three minutes of unplanned downtime per year.  Part of the challenge of undertaking and participating in this peer review and inspection program is in the actual preparations and groundwork that your center will need to complete in order to qualify.

Subjecting yourself to a peer review is a difficult decision for some to make.  To ease the process, you can request either a qualified (certified and board approved) colleague or the SNUG executive director, Dan L'Heureux, to conduct the inspection.  The program is designed to not be intrusive, but to be part of a learning experience from which your organization will benefit.

Contact SNUG Executive Director Dan L'Heureux at (800) 317-8529 for more information and to sign up for the program.



List Serves

General (Priceless)

This list serve might be the greatest source of information available to you!  There is no manual containing valuable information gained from years of experience.  Owners, managers, and key personnel from offices all over the country part take in this list serve discussion.  Utilizing the list serve’s user knowledge base is like hiring veteran employees but at no cost!  Whether you’re looking for the latest industry news, have questions, problems, concerns, or even a bright new idea to share, the list serve is the place to be.  Your fellow SNUG members are out there, ready to help.  Chances are if you have a problem or need advice, another SNUG member with the answer is only an email away. In addition, you can search for information that has been previously posted by subject, keyword, or person. Members agree that the SNUG general list serve alone is worth the cost of joining!


Supervisor (Members Only Free)

Just like the general list, this list serve is a great way to allow supervisors to receive feedback and exchange ideas with their peers regarding work-related issues.  Members in this list learn from one another’s experience.  This list serve can be a vital tool in developing new supervisors in your office and giving them quick access to those who have been in their shoes. Gossip, discussions of salary or inappropriate discussions of employees they supervise, owners, managers, etc., are not appropriate and will not be allowed.  This list is monitored to enforce these principles.  Register your supervisors’ email addresses today!


E+O Insurance

It's easy to think that bad things will always happen to "the other guy".  its part of our nature.  But the fact of the matter is that any company dealing with the public is susceptible to complaints.  The TAS industry is no exception.  When lawsuits arise, they can be catastrophic for the small business owner.  Don't let yourself go unprotected!  You need Errors & Omissions insurance and TeamSNUG can help!

TeamSNUG has partnered with Laura McCormick of Market Scout - contact Laura directly (972) 934-4297


Sheryl Denny Memorial Scholarship (Members Only FREE)

The annual TeamSNUG Presidents' Scholarships were announced by Committee Chair Beth Cooper.  This scholarship fund was initiated by TeamSNUG past-presidents and receives ongoing funding through the Education Committee to award financial aid to employees or children of employees of a TeamSNUG Member Company.  We encourage all employees and their children to attend higher education. This is our way to help!  Submit your application today.



Galaxy (Members Only FREE)

The Galaxy, published quarterly, contains member profiles, educational opportunities as well as industry related developments. It also includes information on how to maximize the potential of your Startel system.

Constellation (Members Only FREE)

The Constellation, sister publication to the Galaxy, focuses on topics directly relating to call center agents, including interviews with agents from around the SNUG community.